Right order

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Right order is important!



Speaking of Right order of things that we do everyday I can mention many of them. But what I figured out is that order is very important sometimes. Specially when we speak about emails. If your partners, clients, employers, etc. are far away from you they would send you an emails during their working day, but because of modern trend you can live in different time zones.

This makes some good and some bad influence. A good: we always know what’s happening. Bad: sometimes we forget about emails.

Right order

So that’s why I’m talking about order. I will try a new order of things. And order is: to wake up early (thanks to my dog, I’ve been doing it since last spring everyday) and only then check email. Only when I woke up and not only able to read an email and also think about it and do something according to email content. Even if it’s only about adding new item to daily “to-do” list.

This is what’s happening very often: I read an email laying in my bed at late night and then I forget about it next morning. Sometimes I receive up to 15 emails, so how should I remember everything?

And that’s it for now. It’s not a big deal but it could be helpful, isn’t it?

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